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How to Hide your Cash

Stashing cash in tampon boxes – and other sneaky spots!!!
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — As millions of Americans continue to lose their savings in the stock market, others are stashing their money where they know they won’t lose it.

The magazine of a gun. A box of tampons. The belly of a teddy bear.

Kerrie Hopkins gave her cash-hoarding aunt a “lettuce safe” — a faux head of lettuce with a secret compartment.

“No one would ever suspect it’s anything but a perennially ripe leafy vegetable,” Hopkins told CNNMoney.

But when Hopkins’ aunt saw an ad for the same lettuce safe in a magazine, she promptly threw it out, sure that her cover had been blown if her home was ever burglarized.

Another woman, Kate McDonald, is keeping her cash safe in an envelope. Each time she adds money to it, she folds the envelope over, then wraps it in aluminum foil and places it in the freezer. “It gives new meaning to ‘cold cash,'” she said.