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Dubai FDI, Links open new forum

Khalid Al Boom Executive Director of Dubai FDI, said: “expanding partnerships with investment promotion bodies across public and private sectors have helped Dubai FDI to offer strategic leads and advice to investors.”

“Dubai has substantially increased its capabilities in enabling business growth and integrating global supply chains. For businesses looking for new opportunities Dubai offers the best infrastructure, a friendly environment and the most convenient access to strategic growth markets, especially those in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA),” said Al Boom.

Currency Investing: Where to Turn When the Dollar, Euro and Pound Let You Down

If you’re looking to short Western currencies, one possibility is to short them against emerging-market currencies, such as the Chinese yuan, the Indian rupee, the Brazilian real and the Russian ruble.

India and Brazil are running large government budget deficits, in spite of their amazing booms, and both currencies are highly vulnerable to a sudden monetary tightening or a downturn in the global economy.

China, tightly manages its currency. There is certainly potential for the yuan to rise, provided that China maintains its present policy of allowing fairly free inflows of foreign capital while barring outflows of its own savers’ money.

Canada and Australia are reasonably well-run countries with large commodity exposures. So they should do well as long as the current commodity boom continues.

In the Asia-Pacific region, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore all have superbly-run economies that are structurally sound.

A currency portfolio that contains those five currencies – the South Korean won, the new Taiwan dollar, the Singapore dollar, the Canadian dollar, and the Australian dollar – could thus be relied upon to maintain its value better than most.