US Forex Traders should look for US Brokers

Why should you open your forex account in the United States?


Where you deposit your money is very important. You need to know that it’s safe and that the brokers holding it are the most regulated and under the heaviest scrutiny in the forex industry. Trading is hard enough as it is; don’t expose your funds to unnecessary risk?


The United States is the most heavily regulated Forex industry in the world. All brokers must register with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and are members of the National Futures Association.

US Brokers have daily, monthly, and quarterly operational reporting requirements, detailing customer funds on deposit, the number of retail and ECP forex customers that are active, whether they are the US or foreign domiciled, and the percentage of non-discretionary accounts that were profitable vs. non-profitable among other things. Unaudited financial statements are filed monthly and audited financial statements are filed annually. Failure to comply with these NFA requirements can result in severe disciplinary actions as well as substantial fines and penalties.


US Brokers abide by the CFTC FIFO rule, the counterparty offsets the positions on a First In First Out basis. On the MetaTrader 4 platform, you have the ability to close the positions as you see fit. For example, if you buy a contract and buy another contract at a later time and you decide to close your most recent buy position, you can simply close this position on the MT4 interface, however, the order that is sent to the counterparty will be offset with the FIFO rule in place. Your net position remains the same on the MT4 and the back office.



A complete history of all NFA brokers, as well as the key personnel, is available online at