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Forbes Launches First E-Book In Its 2014 Series – Secret Money:Living On Bitcoin In The Real World!

New York, NY  (January 16, 2014) – Forbes announced today the release of the first title in its 2014 e-book line, Secret Money: Living on Bitcoin in the Real World, by Forbes senior online editor Kashmir Hill.  The new e-book, produced and distributed by Vook, describes how to live on Bitcoin, the increasingly popular digital currency that enables people to send money around the world semi-anonymously and without transaction fees.  Forbes editor Kashmir Hill explains the origins and peculiarities of Bitcoin and the community that has sprung up around it, while documenting the challenges of surviving for an entire week on the digital coin.

The Forbes E-book On Bitcoin Secret Money: Living on Bitcoin in the Real World, by Forbes staff writer Kashmir Hill, can be bought in Bitcoin or legal tender. Forbes Media Chief Product Officer Lewis D’Vorkin said, “Forbes is committed to giving its staffers and contributors the right tools to reach new audiences. Kashmir’s e-book shows off her expertise and flair for covering Bitcoin’s recent rise in stature, while clearly laying out how the digital currency works. She should know—she lived on it for a week! We couldn’t be happier to lead off our e-book line in 2014 with Secret Money: Living On Bitcoin In The Real World.”

Highlights of Kashmir’s week-long adventure include:

  • Moving out of her apartment and into a place she could rent with Bitcoin, a low-rent hostel with chickens on the roof and dogs running around the hallways.
  • Hosting a sushi party for more than 60 Bitcoin enthusiasts, with the Bitcoin donations she received, costing about 10.354 Bitcoins, or $1,120 dollars, in May 2013.  Today, 10 Bitcoins are worth $8,690 dollars!
  • Losing 5 pounds, due to biking and walking most places and limited food options.
  • Those who say Bitcoin made the US dollar irrelevant may want to think again.  Author Kashmir Hill said, “living on Bitcoin was challenging, even in San Francisco, the tech capital of the world.  Simple pleasures, and necessities, like buying a cup of coffee, were impossible without dollars.”
    • Bitcoin has recently fueled a speculative market, and just five years after its creation it has increased in value from mere pennies to hundreds of dollars.  “Despite all the warnings about a Bitcoin crash, the currency is in vogue, and the concept behind Bitcoin, a purely digital currency, will survive, even if Bitcoin does not,” Kashmir Hill added.Forbes’ 2014 e-book line will feature several unique subjects over the upcoming months, including The Forbes Guide To Warren Buffett; A Hot Wall Street Career In Desperate Need Of Young Talent; How To Get Your Dream Job; What You Need To Know To Succeed As An Entrepreneur.

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