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Depletion of North Sea reserves to affect heating oil prices?

Depletion of North Sea reserves to affect heating oil prices?

This is because, according to a diplomatic cable obtained by WikiLeaks and
reported by the Scotsman, concerns have been raised that the North Sea is
running out of the resource. The 2008 memo from then energy minister
Malcolm Wicks to the US government …

How to Invest in Gold

Buyers and institutional investors generally buy Precious Metals from big banks.
London is the hub of the global spot gold market, with more than $26 billion in trades passing through the city’s clearing system each day. To avoid cost and security risks, bullion is not usually physically moved and deals are cleared through paper transfers.
Other significant markets for physical gold are India, China, the Middle East, Singapore, Turkey, Italy, and the United States.
Following are key facts about the market and different ways to invest in precious metal.

Investing in India

As investments go, India has really great long-term prospects. No doubt about it. Indeed, India has enjoyed very decent growth rates for the last decade, pulling many of its people out of poverty in the process. But investing in India…