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Trading Psychology – Staying Calm Under Pressure

Whether you are dealing on the Forex market or any of the other financial markets, trading can be a very stressful activity at times. The main problem is that whether a trade goes for you or against you, it can affect your emotions in a profound way, and this can lead to you to behave in an erratic fashion. Needless to say, letting your heart rule your head is rarely an effective trading strategy, but if you get too emotionally involved in what you are doing, it can be difficult not to fall into this trap. If you are making lots of small trades throughout the day, this can magnify this issue, as you might be on a roll one minute, and making a big loss in the next. When things happen quickly like this, it can be very difficult to keep your emotions in check. Even if you have set down a specific trading strategy that you plan to stick to, it can be hard to execute it when you are overwhelmed with emotion.

Foreign Currency Brokers Come Under Fire

ompanies that allow home investors to trade foreign currencies are coming under fire as regulators consider whether to put more rules on the fast-growing but risky market.

Currency brokers allow ordinary Americans to speculate on the value of dollars, euros and yen, and have grown revenue 374% since 2007, drawing in 615,000 American traders, according to the Aite Group consulting firm.

The most intense recent criticism of these brokers came from a hedge fund manager who researches and invests in companies that cater to home investors.