Different Investment Methods

Different Investment Methods

There are many different factors to consider when investing. Each investment option out there can be very powerful if it is done wisely. So, what are the best investment options out there? Here are the most powerful methods of investing money:

the Forex market deals in a host of products from wheat to currency. The commodities side of the market is subdivided into metals, precious metals like (Gold, Silver,Platinum), grains, and other agricultural products. This is a great way to diversify your investments. A List of traded Commodities.

Buying and Selling Stocks is the most popular option for trading. You are buying a small share of a given company. When you buy a share of stock, you are purchasing a tiny piece of a company.
Owning stocks is one of the most profitable ways to grow your wealth over the long-term. Every member of the Forbes 400 list got there because they own big shares in a public or private corporation ranging from oil drilling to cosmetics, drugs and money management.

Trade Indices
When you invest in an index you are investing in a fund that mirrors the movement of the index. Options trading enables you to invest in a very large segment of a market, or the entire market itself. For example, in stock index trading, you have the option of investing in the NASDAQ, the Dow Jones, or the S&P 500, among other indices, all of which reflect different broad market properties. By investing for instance in the Dow, you would be investing in a significant portion of the industrial market. You can diversify your portfolio with index futures trading, alongside your other trading activity using eToro. Instead of searching for a decent trading system out of the thousands of systems online to provide you with index trading services, you can start trading indices online today with the same visual and user friendly eToro interface that you’re already familiar with.
A list of Stock Market Indices


Mutual funds are also very popular, while they do not work in the same fashion that stocks work, you will find that you own a few stocks and/or a few bonds in the process of owning your mutual funds. These are definitely long-term investments but many happy retirements are being built on these funds and they are very valuable to the average investor who seeks stability and profit in smaller degrees.

Day trading is another form of investing. Day trading is not really investing so much as it is buying and selling quickly in hopes of making profits immediately. Most people consider investing more of a long-term commitment.


Trading penny stocks is another risky business in the investing arena. Many of the big businesses you see listed on the big boards today began trading in penny stocks and many find themselves as penny stocks once again when on their way down from the heights of fame.

Bonds you are loaning money to the business or agency that you are bonding with and they will pay you back at a time agreed upon. This risk is not as risky as other investment methods. There are many who swear by bonds and those that avoid them .

Real Estate Investing
The local housing market is doing better than last year, but it is still slow.
Buy real estate and rent them out
Buy rundown houses and renovate them to make profit.
Buy a home from a distressed seller and resell it quickly for a profit.
Tax Lien
Buying tax liens When someone does not pay their property tax the city still wants that money so they sell them to investors. In exchange, investors get a guaranteed return when the homeowner pays back the taxes. In many cases, a tax lien investor can get a guaranteed return of 12-30% on their investment making it a great investment method with high returns.

As you can see there are many options for those who are interested in investing. If you do your research it will make your decision much easier.

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