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How to trade Oil online Crude Oil trading is performed in the same way as FX or Foreign Currencies Trading Oil Is King – More people trade oil than any other commodity. Its importance in the world and demand is increasing due to China and India becoming increasingly important to the world economy. You can trade oil futures using options and commodities from anywhere there is a computer with internet service. Trading commodities like (Gold, Silver, Metals) or Dow futures is exactly the same as trading Forex Many Forex brokers also allow you to trade oil, gold and the Dow. Forex is mostly traded on the MetaTrader 4 platform and this often includes these instruments without people realizing. Most MetaTraders have all sorts of additional instruments, often shares and sometimes even including the DOW. To reveal these, you need to right click in the Market Watch window (where the currency pairs are displayed) and click on ‘Show All’. Trading, as opposed to buying shares, allows two big advantages. The first is that you can profit from falling prices just the same as rising prices, by selling first rather than buying. The second is ‘leverage’ which allows you to buy huge quantities with just a small deposit. You can make a profit from a small move up or down in price. This is potentially risky but like Forex Trading you always put in an automatic ‘stop loss’ to close the trade should the price move against you by a set amount. You can also put in an automatic ‘limit’ to close the trade. You can place the trades anywhere you like, including spread betting. The amount of capital you require varies from broker to broker but most will trade mini contracts but you need a minimum of a thousand dollars in your account. You can start trading with $100 (it is called micro account) but it is not a good idea! Futures prices are estimated price for delivery at a set date in the near future.

Here is how a typical trade for crude oil works. We see that the quoted price is 71.50 – 71.56 so this means that we can buy at 71.56 oil and sell at 71.50 – the difference in prices being the broker’s profit. In conclusion, trading oil for a living is not only fun but a profitable and flexible way to make income online.

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