Dubai means Business

Investor Incentives from the Government of Dubai

There are many reasons why it is worthwhile to invest in Dubai. As one of the safest cities Dubai has a fair judicial system, a liberal economy, no income tax or corporate tax, no trade barriers, quotas or foreign exchange controls, 100% repatriation of capital and profits and strong investor incentives from the government of Dubai.

An emirate of more than 200 nationalities and cultures, living and learning from each other and creating natural vibrancy and globalization, Dubai is also strategically located between the great continents of Europe, Asia and Africa and attracts approximately 5 million investors and tourists on an annual basis.

Business in Dubai

Dubai represents an international business hub with a wide range of opportunities for different activities and operations including trade, industry, regional offices and re-export offices. Click here to see Dubai’s advantages that encourage you to choose it as a secure place for investment. If you desire to set up a business project, you can see selected business regulations for Dubai, while Dubai World Trade Centre gives you the chance to see all the activities and exhibitions organized by Dubai round the year.



Dubai means eCommerce

Tejari is the Middle East’s premier online business-to-business marketplace that allows companies to buy and sell goods and services online. Tejari launched for all businesses and companies registered with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). It is an advanced gateway for companies to open more horizons to develop their business and expand their commercial operations.


Dubai Export Development Corporation

Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC) has been established to provide exporters with the services required to enter or expand foreign markets including trade information and consultations for trademarks, financial and legal services, foreign trade offers and communication with potential buyers. The DEDC also undertakes an advocacy role for exporters in their relations with government and other relevant agencies through the formation of long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.



Dubai Chamber’s services

Dubai Chamber plays a key role in supporting potential investors to develop and diversify their commercial activities and interacting with the local, regional and international business circles. Through its website, Dubai Chamber provides companies with many useful online services including Dubai Commercial Directory, issuance and verification of certificates of origin.

Dubai Chamber, in co-operation with Tejari, has launched a portal,, as a web platform for electronic trade among companies. The portal aims at facilitating trade exchange between Dubai Chamber-registered companies on one hand and a number of international companies on the other. It currently ensures connection and communication between more than 200,000 leading companies worldwide.

Dubai Chamber has launched another portal, World Trade Point Federation, which assists all its subscribers in achieving their marketing objectives and enables them to enter international markets.


Investment in the UAE

You can have complete information on investment in the UAE through the Ministry of Economy’s website.
By: Adma Dababneh
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