Forex Websites

With the rise of the internet in the forex trading world, many forex traders have been choosing to go online. Being able to get free education, webinars, news and guides so easily has meant that a lot of traders are effectively pulling away from books and seminars and going digital instead.

Here’s a list of some great forex websites for you to check out, all of which aim to sate a different niche, be it forex news, forex statistics or forums to help you get in touch with other traders.

Unlike many forex websites, most of which tend to adopt a rather dry, businesslike tone, this website takes a more light-hearted approach, with humor throughout. It offers a comprehensive beginner’s guide to forex trading, a selection of useful online tools, a lively forum, a frequently updated blog, and a forex encyclopedia with nearly 800 entries. As well as being well written and put together, it is also one of the more visually appealing sites, with cute, cartoon-like graphics and a clean layout that makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

The world of online Forex trading can be a murky one, and it can sometimes be hard to distinguish the real, above-board forex brokers from the scammers. The main purpose of this community website is to help investors to avoid the potential pitfalls of online forex trading and to help those who have been scammed to recover their losses. Here, you can find user reviews of hundreds of forex services, a number of highly informative educational articles, a forum where you can converse with forex traders from all over the world, a glossary to help you understand some of the jargon involved, and a number of online tools such as currency calculators and trading calendars.

Trading Floor is a site with great trading commentary and news analysis on forex, equities, commodities and the factors that drive them. What really speaks volumes for Trading Floor is that they don’t only produce written content but also have video interviews with traders, videocasts, not mentioning a very interactive and social element to their site.

In order to be a successful Forex trader, you need to keep up to date with developments on the currency exchange market. This is one of the best forex news websites around, with frequent updates and insightful analysis, as well as a raft of well-written educational articles to help you make sense of the sometimes bewildering world of forex trading.

When you are trading foreign currencies, it is vitally important that you can find accurate, up-to-date statistical information with the minimum of fuss. This website does exactly what it says on the tin – it provides charts and other statistical information related to the currency exchange markets, without making you sift through hundreds of irrelevant pages in order to find the information you require.

This is another excellent statistics website, packed with a wealth of charts and statistical information related to the forex markets. It may not be the prettiest forex website around, but what it lacks in visual appeal it more than makes up for in terms of the sheer wealth of information available on the site.

This is a blog written by professional forex trader and published author Kathy Lien. It is packed with excellent advice, up to date news, and analysis of trends in the currency markets. If you want to learn how to become a successful forex trader, then this blog is a great place to begin.

This website is very new, but aims to do something quite interesting and could be good to follow over coming months. The site has some educational content but focuses mostly on timeless forex related articles and features, like an online magazine.

As the name suggests, the main thrust of this website is their community forum, which has hundreds of active members from all over the world. However, it does also offer a news feed, a glossary, and a step by step tutorial to help you understand how to make forex trades.

By: Clint starr  at ForexTrading