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Crude Oil: The Best Commodity Play for 2012

Crude oil may not only be the best commodity play for 2012, it could prove to be the best commodity play of the next three to four years, soundly beating both gold and silver. I’m not talking about oil producers, refiners or drillers…or any individual stock — but the real thing: crude oil itself.

we believe crude has a better chance of doubling from its current $100 per barrel level than gold has doubling from its current levels of $1,575 per ounce. It’s not that we hate gold. We don’t. Some of the same conditions that favor crude will also favor the shiny stuff. But for “bang for the buck,” we feel crude oil is the best opportunity on the board right now.

Gasoline and heating oil fell

Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) — Gasoline and heating oil fell as commodities retreated on concern that Greece’s bailout was unraveling over German demands for deeper budget cuts and that the region’s debt crisis would spread.

Oil prices, global stocks fall; gold rises

Concerns about the debt crisis have weighed on oil markets in recent weeks, adding to worries about weak US economic data that could hit fuel demand.

“It doesn’t look like the two biggest items were seriously discussed today — the potential for a euro bond and the size of the stabilization/bailout fund,” said Edward Meir, senior commodity analyst for MF Global in New York.
Crude prices dropped before the meeting as data showed sluggish German growth hobbled the euro zone, dragging US stocks. The euro slid against the dollar.

Investors flee to gold

Stock-shocked investors are fleeing to gold, pushing the precious metal to new heights.

Gold reached a new intraday high of $1,782.50 per ounce in electronic trading before backing down to $1,746.20. That’s an increase of $33, or about 2%, compared to its Monday close. On Monday, gold broke $1,700 for the first time.

The current flight to gold has been by a nasty stock market plunge. On Monday, the Dow Jones industrial average plummeted 624 points, or about 5.5%, and the Nasdaq and S&P 500 dropped nearly 7%. It was the worst day on Wall Street since the 2008 fiscal crisis.

Gold Weekly Fundamental Analysis for June 27-July 01, 2011

Gold ended last week with heavy losses after the metal failed to sustain the gains versus the strong dollar and amid a heavy selloff on commodities.
This week, the downside pressures on gold might still be evident this week as the metal broke through critical support levels and accordingly the liquidations might still be evident especially amid heavy volatility in the market